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Save Yourself Some Heartache – A Photo Tip for All

If you lose a memory card or (gasp) your camera- give the finder a way to return it to you! This easy tip may save you some heartache.
Whether you’re a professional photographer or just like to snap photos of your family losing a memory card is an agonizing experience.  Losing a memory card that is still in a camera is expensive and agonizing.

Several times these past months I’ve seen a photo shared on Facebook or Instagram with the caption “Help me find this couple/ family/ person.  I found their camera/ memory card full of photos and want to return it to them.”

I have a quick and easy tip that will save you some potential heartache if you lose your camera or memory card by giving the finder a way to return it!

Follow these four easy steps:

1. Open a new document on your computer- a Word doc, an email- it really doesn’t matter.  Type “If found please contact {Your Name}, {Your Email Address} and {Your Cell Phone Number}.  Enlarge the font to fill about half a page. You can also hand write this information on a piece of paper- just make sure it’s legible!

Find a memory card


2. Either- Print and take a picture of the print-out or take a picture of the computer screen with your camera.  Either way fill the view finder with the text.

Find your SD Card

3. Go into your camera settings and LOCK/ PROTECT the photo.  Select Protect Images.

Pro Photo Tip

4. Select the images you would like to protect.

Annapolis Photographer

Protecting the image will prevent it from being erased each time you download your photos and erase the images on your card.

Maryland Photographer tip

Copy and protect this photo on ALL of your memory cards.

That’s it!

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